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Buzz Feiten tuning system.

Hi ppl !! Since there are a lot of guitarists on the list , who are 
presumably interestested in the latest development with the instrument , I 
have one question:

Has any of you tried a guitar with the new Buzz Feiten tuning system ? 
It`s gotten
rave reviews from very high places in the guitar community and lots of the 
pros are using it(Vai , Scott Henderson , Gambale etc.)......
Supposedly it makes the guitar stay consistently in tune ALL OVER THE 
NECK. No more compromises with the first couple of frets on our Fender 
style axes.
I would imagine this is of interest to everyone , not only us guitarists , 
but also to the miserable sods who have to listen to our ramblings. 
Last I heard Tom Anderson and Washburn guitars are now using this system 
on ALL their guitars.
To me , this all sounds like a dream come through , and Im even 
considering buying a Washburn to get this intonation under my fingers.

so , ppl , any info on all this???

Yours , Thomas W