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Re: Buzz Feiten tuning system.

I've never tried a guitar with this system, but I have read a good deal
about it.  It was in the latest EM, but it was in Guitar Player over a
year ago, I believe.  From what I gather, it differs from standard
intonation in that it takes into account that the tension is different
when you are playing close to the nut as opposed to when playing near the
12th fret.  Apparently, the way guitars are built now, they assume equal
tension of the string.  Intuitively you can see this because there's a
much lighter feel to fretting a note on the 12th fret as opposed to onto
the first (but it is a greater distance you have to push down).  If you
want to read more about it, you should search dejanews for "buzz feiten";
there were a few long threads about it.


On Mon, 8 Jun 1998 02:48:05 +0200 "Woehni" <hovard@online.no> writes:
>Hi ppl !! Since there are a lot of guitarists on the list , who are =
>presumably interestested in the latest development with the instrument 
>, =
>I have one question:
>Has any of you tried a guitar with the new Buzz Feiten tuning system ? 

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