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Re: Buzz Feiten tuning system.

I've played a few guitars with it.  Yeah, I guess it was pretty impressive.
Not something I'm burning to have done on any of mine.  I guess I'm sort of
comfortable with a lot of the intonation idiosyncracies of the guitar.  I 
it pretty easy to look past if the content is really happening.  Take John
Scofield for instance, who just about always sounds somewhat out of tune 
to me
(really apparent when he used to play octaves a lot a la Wes), but his 
and conception is so beautiful it never  bugs me.  Ditto other instruments,
Jackie McLean, Steve Lacy, Miles...etc.  Even the greatest of classical
cellists or violinists aren't dead center on every pitch.  If a real 
and passionate effort is being made to play meaningful music I find some 
warbling is easy to forgive.  For that reason I sort of look at the Feiten
tuning as a bit of an unnecessary luxury at this point.

No disrespect to Buzzy, who's a great player and makes some speaker 
that are the shit...

IMHO of course,
Ken R