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Re: structured looping interface (was Folk/Celtic Looping)

At 04:37 PM 6/8/97 -0500, Dennis W. Leas wrote:

>I'll write down the melody/harmony fragments seperately sometimes.
>I don't PLAY from these notes, I use them when I forget what I did, 
>usually along with a tape of a performance.
>I find I have to struggle with the structure.  The Echoplex interface 
>seems ideally suited for improvisational playing and much less so for 
>structured playing.
>The overall effect I term "Experimental Tradtional Music".  I have some 
>ideas I work from but I'm still finding my way in trying to incorporate 
>looping with traditional or structured music.

What do you think would be a more useful interface for real-time looping
with more structured music? Any ideas of what would work better for you? 
anyone else?)