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new weird little programs (for PC)

(sorry if this is a repetition. I've some problems with my mail system...)
Hi all PC loopers

talking about software I've just discovered these progs on the Net.

- Buzz 1.5a. Incredible approach to make music... I can't define it, it's a
sampler, a tracker, a seq, a multiFX, a synth, I don't know...it's all
You connect machines, FX and .wav all together and program your lines to
make some realy cool patterns... You have to spend some time to learn to 
it but you can get amazing results!! Export to .wav. And it's FREEWARE....

- Orangator 2.0. A virtual synth with a seq/tracker inside and the option 
export to .wav your sounds. A lot of flexibility, from synth pads, to drum
sounds to special effects and flavours. Big number of presets, from bass to
arpeggiated lines, killer kicks and snares, grooves. Great sound quality.
FREEWARE too!!!  

- Fruity loops. Brilliant drum sequencer. Like hammerhead but works 
with .wavs. Best suited for single sounds, unlimited number of traks, great
sound editing and processing for each channel (cut off, ring modulator,
delay, pre amp, etc.).   

- fruity traks. SAme concept, beta version available for 1 month. Nice
interface but I've not used a lot to say more...

-AXS 2.01 d. DOS prog, Synth emulator. Some problems with my PC. I'm trying
to resolve them because it could be an useful tool.  

and here you can find every link you need:

http://www.maz-sound.com   see "tracker" section...