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Re: structured looping interface (was Folk/Celtic Looping)

Kim Flint wrote:

> What do you think would be a more useful interface for real-time looping
> with more structured music? Any ideas of what would work better for you? 
> anyone else?)

Kim Kim Kim
Are you back in the garage getting high with solder fumes ?
This is the second time that you ask for *""ideas"*" about a new
interface for looping...
anyway mail me private if you want to tell me the story privately .<gGg>

Heres my contribution

My idea of the footswitch board 
there should also exist a table top version for DJ's, keys or drums 

but i'll talk for the fooswitch only

8 switches plus an up and down pair of switches for banking 
on top of each switch a 3 caracter led display wich  would describe the
function assigned to the switch plus an eight car. led display for
naming the banks 

the banks would be composed of eight function chosen in the function
catalog of the looper 
the user is free to assign any function relating to any loop (multiple
loops playing in paralell )

The foot controler should have 2 ext cont jacks for
feedback,pan,fades,crossfades etc...




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