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Re: Buzz Feiten Tuning System

 Dear Looplisters, especially you guitarists ; ),

It is relatively easy to get existing instruments retrofitted with the
Buzz Feiten system. I've
had it installed on an American Standard Strat (which made a truly
substantial and discernible sweetening, er, improvement in the guitar's
intonation, especially in the lower registers - chords especially seem
to bloom more readily) and I'm currently having it installed on my new
'50's reissue Telecaster. I'll probably have it done to a Guild acoustic
flat-top next (guess I'm sold on the system, eh?).

At around 125 American dollars per guitar, this adds up if you have a
lot of instruments (lucky for me this is not the case), but I for one
think it's one of the best things to come along for guitar. Now if my
singer would only get in pitch!

As far as Todd's query about the Minn. area, I guess some checking
around with better local music outlets would be in order, although if
you can access Feiten by email from the website he can probably forward
a list of authorized installers.


Lance Glover

Todd Madson wrote:

> Ah, a topic that is of interest:
> It's all well and good that this exists, but more importantly:
> (1) How can I get existing instruments retrofitted?
> (2) Preferably in the Minneapolis area?
> (3) Preferable at a reasonable cost?
> Thank you!
> -Todd.