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Re[2]: structured looping interface (was Folk/Celtic Looping

>>Kim Flint wrote:
>> What do you think would be a more useful interface for real-time looping
>> with more structured music? Any ideas of what would work better for 
>you? (or
>> anyone else?)

Claude Voit wrote...
>Kim Kim Kim
>Are you back in the garage getting high with solder fumes? This is the 
>time that you ask for *""ideas"*" about a new interface for looping... 

And who's going to fund this project? The vast reserves of looping 
fanatics out 
there? 8->

>Heres my contribution... (snip) but i'll talk for the fooswitch only

>8 switches plus an up and down pair of switches for banking on top of 
>switch a 3 caracter led display wich  would describe the function 
>assigned to 
>the switch plus an eight car. led display for naming the banks 

This sounds like a *MIDI-foot-controller* to me... A dedicated pedal 
leaves your
*other* floor peds/boards to do the tone mods, sure, but this kind of 
sounds like possible redundancy *assuming* there's a midi controller 

The other possiblilty might be a glass interface... (Computer, PDA??? or 
dedictated music controller, with a screen)

.01 cents worth...

Still having much fun with my JamMan!