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Just kidding.

I have a question for Kim, regarding an interesting thing the Echoplex

Here's how to set it up:

1) Record a short loop.

2) Multiply and/or insert to produce a loop of many cycles' length.

3) Overdub various longer bits which are longer than the preliminary
cycle length.

4) Then, Re-multiply the loop so that you reduce the loop length back
down to only one or two cycles.

Now HERE'S the intriguing part:

5) Once you've got a short cycle or two with a fragment of the longer
loop, hit UNDO.  Each successive press of UNDO causes a different
cycle-length fragment of the previous, longer loop to emerge.  Pressing
UNDO repeatedly morphs this small cycle through all sorts of mutations
of the original longer loop.

I discovered this along with another Echoplex user a few months ago, and
we were suitably intrigued by the effect.

My question for Kim, then, is: Can you describe (in layman's terms, a la
that great train analogy with which you enacted your mosr recent round
of Andre Damage Control) what's going in the unit when this phenomenon

Regardless, nice touch.  Instant remix.  

Rave on.