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Re[2]: Folk/Celtic Looping

     Michael (doctorin' the croft) Hughes suggested:
...Though Folk is sometimes used, the Scots and Irish use the phrase 
to distance themselves from the English.  Must be all that Morris 
     Ah yes, those idyllic afternoons on the village green, watching 
     dancing. Sadly, he's a bit past it now and can't always manage to 
     the gig...apparently he can't stick the pace and is hopping mad, 
     thrown in his hankie (etc) However:

I'm really not aware of any Celtic loopers per se.  
     One might just (time) stretch a moot point and suggest that John 
     Martyn qualifies as a/the `god father' of folk/Celtic loopists, given 
     his work in the 70's with tape echo - although mainly delay-based, 
     rather than looping I suppose. Albums from "Solid Air" through "One 
     World" each contain aspects of interest here, I'll (perhaps rashly)