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Re: Folk/Celtic Looping

>> I'm really not aware of any Celtic loopers per se.  There is a big
>> techno/Celtic crossover movement - Shooglenifty, Afro Celt Sound System,
>> Peatbog Faeries, etcetc - Shooglenifty describe themselves as "Acid 
>> (a croft is a traditionan farm - er  - house).  But I don't know of 
>> actually looping.

>Not sure what label(s) to put on this band, but if anybody hasn't heard
>them, I'd recommend Mouth Music. Nice blend of indigenous Scottish music
>with African beats and technoish electronics. Definitely some loop-like
>stuff in the mix at times.

I'd attach a similar label to them - I'm familiar with thir work, though
I've not actually heard any, but I know they share a number of bandmembers
with Shooglenifty (as do the more mainstream (ie Clannadesque)
Capercaillie).  A good introduction to contemporary Celitic is on the EMI
collection "Folk'n Hell" (think about it).  Not the best tracks, but most
of the prominent players.


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