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Re: structured looping interface for the EDP

Loopers/EDP Users:

Regarding the question of the interface needs of more "structured" uses of
the EDP, as a composer working with 3 EDPs for performance of works that
are pretty much determined in their form (the improvisation all happened in
the studio), to me the question is not with the interface but with the fact
that one has to go over to the units and go into a programming mode in
order to change various essential paramenters (such as quantize, number of
loops etc etc).  In my work, the ideal way to make structured
composing/performance on these units more practical would be to simply have
these various parameter set-ups stored as programs which could be recalled
with a MIDI program change, just like storing synth or DSP programs.  (And
not just 16 user slots, please!, If Kim or Mathias are taking notes.)  

The current foot control set up seems pretty good.  While it is possible to
hit the wrong button due to the spacing, a bigger unit would have other
drawbacks.  Since I do a lot on continuous control from a MIDI foot
controller (of the output and feedback levels of all three units
separately), this type of control could be integrated into the dedicated
foot controller but I suspect most people would not find a this
particularly useful feature and it would certainly add cost.  However, if
the program storage suggested in the first paragraph were to be
implemented, it would be important to have a program change
increment/decrement button on the floor as well.  

Paul Dresher