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Re: tape loops

Pat Kirtley had a nice post on this subject some time back. He sent me some
gifs to go along with it so I could make it into a web page. Sadly, I
haven't had time to do it yet. If anybody wants to help out and put this
page together, I could send you the stuff.


At 11:36 PM 6/9/98 -0500, David Myers wrote:
>You will want to contact Paul Dresher or Eric Muhs, both of whom have
>worked in this way with four-track machines.  I see Paul has just signed
>off for a while, though....
>>does anyone know if there  is any way to modify a 1/4" eight track reel 
>>create tape loops of an significant length.
>>Just a thought for a machine that's collecting dust.
>>Thanks in advance for any suggestions.