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Re: angry reply :-) Buzz Feiten tuning system.

>One quick point: a Steinberger system guitar available for what's it been
>now?...15 years or so...doesn't even have to deal with a NUT let alone nut
>adjustments to improve intonation.

Yeah, I distrust the "perfect intonation is impossible".
It may be difficult, and made problematic by temperature
changes and other things, but there's no inherent reason.
A performer on a fretless instrument obviously can adjust
the pitch until it's perfect; then put the fret "there".
The only problem is it could be in differenty places on
different strings, which would require a change to how
things are done--but then Buzz's system doesn't address
this problem anyway.

>But Buzz is definitly getting a buzz.

The only place I've read it is in Electronic Musician, and
the article there does not sound like journalism, but more
like a press release.  I dunno about the other articles on
it, but the tone of that article made me very skeptical.