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Re: wuz Buzz, now tuning

Sean T Barrett wrote:

> Yeah, I distrust the "perfect intonation is impossible".
> It may be difficult, and made problematic by temperature
> changes and other things, but there's no inherent reason.

What about the space between the top of the fret and the fretboard itself?
Small differences in finger tension (along the y axis) would change the 
slightly.  Not to mention the difference in tension on the z axis (that is,
parallel to the fret)?  Fingers are attached to humans, after all, and 
(present company excluded, of course) have been know to be, well, fallible.

Also, the magnetic field around electric guitars' pickups alters the 
of the strings ever so slightly (right?) and their pitch.

I get around the problem like this- play out of tune.  I like it.  I like 
scales over major chords, stacking three semi-tones at once, and bending 
string a wee bit without bending the others.

Necessity is the mother of technique/style/noise rock.