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RE: angry reply :-) Buzz Feiten tuning system.

I think it's a wonderful thing that someone has invented a way to improve 
the intonation of guitars.  Having said this, I'm not about to go out and 
spend $400 on each of my dozen guitars to get them "fixed".  I'm not even 
going to go right out and have one or two "fixed".  I say this because, 
aside from the fact that I can't afford the money, this new system is far 
from being standard.  Maybe I'm over cautious, but what if I get my 
favourite guitar refitted and then get used to playing with the new 
construction?  I would no longer be used to compensating for the incorrect 
intonation on older guitars.  This might be a problem.  Still, though, I 
would love to try out the new system, so draw my own conclusions.  In my 
opinion, this invention is long overdue (if it's all it cracks up to be).  
I'm not sure how exactly he's changed things, whether it's fret spacing or 
fret height or something else.  Does anyone know specifics? (Or could 
redirect me to a good website with info?)

                Jon Grant
                Tian Music