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Buzz Fightin' - with REAL loop content!

Kim said, as he often does,
>>ahhh, I always wondered why my guitar sounded a little out of topic......
>>.....uh, I mean tune.....

Matthew "hey, your initials are almost the same as mine!" said:
>Hey where's the looping content?  Even in this reply I...(:  (right back 
>ya! heh heh.  Seriously though the instruments by which one propagates
>loops, must be harped on, or I guess then DJs are not worth bringing up
>either.  Heh heh, says I in the general hubbub.) 

Howzabout this - by introducing tuning flaws across a playing
surface/range, you more accurately portray the differences between
instruments when looping?  What I mean is, you might get a neater
"separation" between loop tracks if you're *slightly* out of tune on the
next pass.  It sounds a lot less contrived than a chorus pedal, and
contributes no small part in the phenomenally lush sound of an orchestral
string section...


who likes his guitar the way it is
and never ever noticed it being out of tune

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