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OT: Booze Feetin'

Just joking, heh heh

No looping content here.

But... anyone know why it is that on occasion, maybe, like, once a day,
I get a posting from this list that has no line returns, i.e. the
message runs out the window to the right, making me scroll like a
drunken sailor to read it? I find this mildly annoying, but more to the
point, I'd like to know if there is something I've done wrong to cause
this anomoly of format (hence something I can do to avoid it, say a
recondite preference lodged somewhere in the darker recesses of
Communicator), or is it the original poster's mistake (though I've gotta
believe it looks okay on their screen pre-posting) or is it just another
one of those dumb internet thingies that I just have to get used to...?

And actually, a little looping content after all -

I finally got my Echoplex the other day (praise Allah) and spent the
first 1/2 hr. trying to figure out why my new 4 MB SIMMs didn't work
(bought through www.memexpress for real cheap - $10.00 US apiece -
thanks Kim for the info). Soon enough I realized the error of my
fumble-fingered ways and installed them correctly - didn't get home that
night 'till the wee hours though, as this box really is addicting (no
reflection on my personality, I hope). Anyway, thanks to all who have
passed before me with tips, tricks and insights. I hope someday soon I
can return the favor.


Lance G.