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Re: Concert Ad

>The Gerry Hemingway Quartet: Gerry Hemingway (drums, perc), Ray Anderson
>(trombone), Ellery Eskelin (tenor saxophone), Mark Dresser (acoustic 

yes! I saw these cats last saturday and it was absolutely amazing...Mark
Dresser has been one of my heroes for a long time and if you haven't heard
him, you're missing out...(looping content coming up!).  one of his solo
albums, Invocations, is an amazing solo upright bass collection, including
many looped (tracked) bass parts...up to 8, in fact. very hip.

On another note, I saw John Scofield with Bill Stewart, Larry Goldings, and
Tom Logan last night....GREAT MUSIC! all stuff from A Go Go...the suprising
thing was that John was doing some serious looping-type-stuff with one of
those new digitech pedal/processor things.  not sure which one it was,
maybe the space station, as he was doing some fake synth stuff and pitch
shifting, too.  Larry Goldings was doing some ultra-hip sample-type looping
as well as real-time looping with some heavy looking rack gear...and Bill
Stewart is the best drummer in the world.

There it is,

     "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition
            from mediocre minds."     -Albert Einstein