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last call on Loopers' #1 CD credits

This is what I have as the final information on the Loopers' Delight CD
#1 credits.  Please send me any last-minute updates asap (like, in the
#next couple days) so that I can finish this up.


1. Michael Peters
   "On the Move"
   alternate version from the upcoming CD "Escape Veloopity"

   mpeters@compuserve.com or

   Michael Peters
   Moehlstr. 4, (with an additional h)
   51069 Koeln,

2. Dave Stafford
   "Spider's Web"
   from the album "Other Memory", SSC1717


   Studio Seventeen Productions
   P.O. Box 461363
   Escondido, CA 92046

3. Matthias Grob with Bira Reis (percussion)


   Matthias Grob
   Loteamento "Parque Sao Gonzalo" 160
   40235-360 Salvador/BA

4. Matthias Grob
   "The Fool's Dance"

<change: DELETED>
   Matthias Grob                                        
   (?? track ? from Matthias' CD-R)

5. Andree Krikula and Conny Sommer
   Es geschah

   Andre Krikula
   Hellkamp 41
   20255 Hamburg
   0049/40-491 84 51

6. Renato Rizzo

   Renato Rizzo
   Fischerstr. 4
   CH-4800 Zofingen
   0041 62 752 2124

7. Matthias Grob
   "Grama para Todos"

8. Mike Stevens
   "A Walk In My Dream"
   from the CD "Normally Anomaly"


   Mike Stevens Music
   1595 Blackwell Road
   Sarnia, Ontario
   N7X 1A4

9. Doug Michael


    Doug Michael
    2889 Seville Circle
    Antioch, CA 94509

10. Doug Michael
    "Trance" (edit)

11. Fingerpaint (Patrick Smith and Steev Geest)
    "Sirens of Titan"

    Patrick Smith
    7007 Aspen Ave
    Takoma Pk, MD 20912

12. Doug Michael

13. David Talento
    "Just Give Up and Marry the Boss's Daughter"


    Help Wanted Productions
    P.O. Box 2205
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
14. The Outside Loop (Wayne Hamilton and Chris Zimmerman)
    "Bag in a Tree"

    Shorthair Studios
    43 N. 3rd St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19106

15. Kuno Wagner

1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16

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