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Re: SV: OT intonation

Thomas W┐hni wrote:

> Hi all ,
> Nice story , Fred. I agree with what you are saying , but what interests 
>me with this whole
> Buzz-tuning system is this:   The guitars supposedly sounds better. What 
>I asked about to begin with was
> basically;  do they sound better with this system?  has anyone ever 
>tried one?
> thats all I wanna know...........:-)
> Yours , Thomas

Yo Thomas,

Where ya been, mate? I've been posting about my recent experiences with a 
couple of Buzz-equipped guitars
(one of which is a vintage reissue Tele, if that matters to you) off and 
on for the last week to this list.
If you want I can go back and dig them up? :)

Very Sincerely,