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Re: last call on Loopers' #1 CD credits

>This is what I have as the final information on the Loopers' Delight CD
>#1 credits.  Please send me any last-minute updates asap (like, in the
>#next couple days) so that I can finish this up.

>11. Fingerpaint (Patrick Smith and Steev Geest)
>    "Sirens of Titan"
>    Patrick Smith
>    7007 Aspen Ave
>    Takoma Pk, MD 20912


Glad to see this coming to completion. Please make the following changes.
We have picked upa PO Box these days. Don't want my jhome address plastered

11. FingerPaint ( Patrick Smith and Steev Geest)
     " Sirens of Titan"

    From the FNGP release " Enormous Swirling Sound"

    P.O. Box 5364
    Takoma Park, MD 20913

Many,many thanks!!! And congratulations!


Now Available:
FingerPaint Primary Colors: BLUE