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Re: I'm not getting all of the messages to the list

At 10:02 PM 6/17/98 -0400, Ed Drake wrote:
> I'm not getting all of the messages that are being sent to the list. Is
>this happening to anybody else?
>For example in Roland Eberle's message to the list "Re: Klein Guitars, 
>operas, no loop content whatsoever", I got the reply to Kim's message from
>Roland where Kim's message was quoted but I never got the original message
>from Kim. Also the thread "Advice on Volume Pedal" I got the replies but
>never received the original message.
>This has happened several times in the last couple of weeks, where I get
>replies to messages that I've never received the original. I've checked
>with my ISP and they say there haven't been any problems with email. Has
>anyone else noticed anything weird here?
>Any suggestions?

I think there is something weird going on with the new list server, I've
noticed this too. I'm trying to figure it out and get it fixed. If you see
anything strange, please let me know. You can send it to me privately at my
home address,
kflint@annihilist.com, so that we don't waste list bandwidth with it.


Kim Flint, MTS                 408-752-9284
Chromatic Research             kflint@chromatic.com