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Re: Klein Guitars, soap operas, no loop content whatsoever

At 05:01 PM 6/17/98 -0700, Roland Eberle wrote:

[some well deserved flaming of me deleted]

Ok, writing something in haste and anger at 2:30 in the morning is a bad
idea. I said some stupid things that Roland is completely correct in 
me for. I hadn't meant to say anything negative at all about Steve Klein's
abilities as a designer or luthier. Steve deserves tons of respect for that
and is certainly one of the most brilliant and innovative musical 
designers on the Earth. His ideas have resulted in some tremendous guitars,
one of which I am very proud to own. So I want to apologize to Steve and
anyone else who cares for any negative thing I said about his skills.
Specifically these ugly comments:

>> But Steve never got very far with it. Poor business sense,
>> weird customer service attitudes, inconsistent quality, a half-baked 

>> make. Steve on the other hand, remains mired in his own muck.

Viewed today, this is very, very dumb, and not at all what I meant to say. 
would like to take all of that back, if I may. I have no business saying
those things and would like you to consider my opinions on such matters as
totally worthless and without merit. Steve definitely does not deserve
anything like that from some bystander like me. 

>Comparing a Klein electric--fantastic guitars that they are ( I own 3) 
>built by Lorenzo or Steve- to one of the Klein acoustics is a joke. 

I wasn't intending to compare the instruments made by either of these
gentleman, that wasn't my intent at all. I'm really sorry it came out that
way. And I'm extremely sorry that I came across as at all negative about
Steve's abilities or creations. That's the result of my own tendancy to
behave a bit rashly and write things when I'm dead tired. You are quite
right, I totally overreacted. I was really only intending to comment on the
website advertised here, not the instruments. The instruments made by both
these people are superb, and easily the best in their respective classes.
Saying anything about them only distracted from what I wanted to say 
Again, sorry, to you and Steve. Your anger towards me is completely
understandable and appropriate.

>...seems to indicate to me that
>you hold Klein responsible for the post from Ed...(I've met Ed in the 
>store on
>Broadway downtown Sonoma...he's a
>sales clerk for Christ sake..not a builder) when in fact it could be 
>simply a
>matter of a customer...ME for instance...stopping by the Klein shop and
>casually mentioning to Ed...

>Personally I think you over- reacted to what is indeed an innocuos little
>thing. If there is
>evidence you havent brought forward regarding Steve being underhanded in 
>and "using" the loopers forum to somehow further his cause and/or hurt
>Lorenzo's, I'd
>certainly like to hear it...until then I think you have done Mr. Klein a

The thing I was intending to talk about was not the post, or Ed (who I 
know), but the website being advertised. I don't have any particular
evidence about any underhanded practice, nor would I want any. Just stupid
conjecture on my part. It's just the website which I find upsetting. In 
website (http://www.kleinguitars.com/Electric/electric.html), Steve Klein,
owner of Klein Acoustic Guitars and the Klein's Sonoma Music shop, appears
to me to be claiming to also be Klein Electric Guitars, which he is not.
That's what got me worked up. He sold his electric guitar business to
someone else several years ago, and now he has put up a website where he is
advertising those guitars and the name "Klein Electric Guitars" with his
address and phone number at the bottom. There is no mention of Lorenzo or
how to contact the actual Klein Electric Guitars, and there is no 
that Klein Electric Guitars is another company. I'm sorry, but I think that
is dishonest, and I think he should change that website. I think this is
likely to confuse would-be buyers of Klein Electrics, and hurt Lorenzo's
ability to run Klein Electric Guitars. Since I am a huge fan of Lorenzo and
Klein Electric Guitars, I don't want to see that happen. Whether this web
page is something intentional or just an oversight on Steve's part, I don't
really know, but in either case, I think it is wrong. 

I want to see both of these guys prosper, because I have a ton of respect
for what both of them are doing and I want them both to succeed. The world
needs more people like these guys. I would really like to beleive that this
is just some sort of oversight on Steve's part, and that he intended no 
by it. Otherwise I think I would lose a lot of respect for him. (which I
have a lot of, despite previous impressions, and despite that fact that my
respect is not worth a hill of discarded headstocks.)

I clearly overreacted in jumping to Lorenzo's defense about this. He built
me an instrument which I treasure highly and which I expect to use for the
rest of my life. A lot of emotional energy comes with that, I guess. 

Again, sorry for all the confusion and bad vibes. None of that belonged