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Invisible Skratch Piklz vs The X-ecutioners

I've recently been getting into turntablism, especially after hearing a
Mixmaster Mike 12 inch called "Atmosfears".  He's part of the I.S.P. crew
and so I rented this boot-video, "Invisible Skratch Piklz vs The X-Men"
(now the X-ecutioners).  These guys are looping without electronics (EDPs,
echoplexes, Vorterangs, ....) at all, just their hands and faders.  When I
first heard this stuff, I was SURE it had to be assembled with computers
and hard disk recorders but to my complete amazement and awe, these guys
were doing it with just 2 turntables.  I know I must sound like a complete
neo-phyte to some of the DJ's on this list, but basically they play a
sample while rewinding a different disk and switch, and use the faders to
trigger the samples.  That's a totally hackneyed description, much better
to see it done.
In any case, it was probably one of the one most amazing displays of
virtuosity and control I'd seen using any instrument.  It was as amazing as
seeing a Paganini violin caprice being performed.  Meanwhile the music
mostly sounded almost like total experimental loopage.  Except that they
knew EXACTLY what they were doing - every note was from intention - which
was especially in evidence when they would do a drop-dead on-the-pin-head
lip-synch with a 3 word sample.  My girlfriend said it was the most intense
music video she'd ever seen.  Just amazing.
For people in the NYC area, you can rent this video at Kim's Video on St
Mark's Place.