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Re: PANIC! Echoplex freaks out

At 7:00 AM -0700 6/20/98, Mattias Ribbing wrote:
>I have had my Echoplex for a couple of weeks now and I haven't had a 
>problem with it. BUT today it has acted really strange. Suddenly it just
>kills the loop and the display goes black, however all the lights under 
>buttons are lit, but I can't press any buttons. And a couple of times
>everything has gone black.So I have to turn the power off and start again.
>Sometimes it also has a problem starting up. The LOOP3 flashes over the
>display maybe six times before it works.
>Could this be a software problem? (I have the new 5.0)

no it's not software, somethings gone wrong with your hardware. It could be
you put a bad memory chip in, but hard to say. You should contact Oberheim
to get it serviced.


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