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Re: Jamman vs. Rang

You might want to look at the DOD DFX-98 delay. It does looping, has 8
seconds of delay, and a delay time knob allows you to adjust the
speed/pitch of your loops.

-Chuck Zwicky

At 07:56 AM 6/21/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Thomas,
>maybe nobody replied because comparing the two units doesn't make that 
>sense; they both seem to work quite well and the shortcomings in either
>unit seem to balance each other. 
>The real hangup with all this gear is that You can't really configure them
>to Your individual needs as much as is would be appropriate to serve as a
>spontaneous, creative element in making music. I still cannot on any of my
>high-quality digital boxes equal the sound of the tape echo with a 
>sliding head I used in 1982 (which is a lot to ask for, I admit). Since 
>not willing to lugg 3 different units (tc 2290, Rang, PCM 80 with which I
>had tremenduos SIMM problems by the way...)to each gig I started to use
>less and less of this gear 'cause its plain stiff and unmusical to work
>along configurations made by some factory tech five years ago.
>And when I read in a LD posting the other day that the praised Oberheim
>Echoplex can't even make ANY octave(speed) up/octave (speed)down stuff AT
>ALL, I sort of really lost faith in all these boxes. (Maybe the re-release
>of the EH 26 sec. delay ....?) 
>To top of all that frustration I finally have a fantastic lightweight
>single-rack multieffects (tc G-Force) that subs for a whole fridge of 80#s
>rack gear BUT they say they see no reason to include delay time above 1,4
>sec. in it. Hell, this is never gonna end.
>Ciao, Andreas