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Jamman vs. Rang

Hi Thomas,

maybe nobody replied because comparing the two units doesn't make that much
sense; they both seem to work quite well and the shortcomings in either
unit seem to balance each other. 
The real hangup with all this gear is that You can't really configure them
to Your individual needs as much as is would be appropriate to serve as a
spontaneous, creative element in making music. I still cannot on any of my
high-quality digital boxes equal the sound of the tape echo with a manually
sliding head I used in 1982 (which is a lot to ask for, I admit). Since I'm
not willing to lugg 3 different units (tc 2290, Rang, PCM 80 with which I
had tremenduos SIMM problems by the way...)to each gig I started to use
less and less of this gear 'cause its plain stiff and unmusical to work
along configurations made by some factory tech five years ago.
And when I read in a LD posting the other day that the praised Oberheim
Echoplex can't even make ANY octave(speed) up/octave (speed)down stuff AT
ALL, I sort of really lost faith in all these boxes. (Maybe the re-release
of the EH 26 sec. delay ....?) 
To top of all that frustration I finally have a fantastic lightweight
single-rack multieffects (tc G-Force) that subs for a whole fridge of 80#s
rack gear BUT they say they see no reason to include delay time above 1,4
sec. in it. Hell, this is never gonna end.

Ciao, Andreas