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hi all,

now that my own first loop CD is almost ready, I'd love to stir up a 
about loop music marketing ... those of you who have CDs out, what is your 
experience, opinion, and approach to this?

Is it feasible at all to produce, market, and distribute a CD without a 
label? How does one proceed, what are the things to watch out for, how can 
CDs be distributed, what are good addresses (radio stations, magazines 
...) for 
distribution, where does one send promo CDs, etc?

Is doing it all alone a better or a worse approach than working with a 
label? What are the pros and cons? Are there other ways to do it?

How does one find a suitable record label? There are hundreds of labels 
for the 
experimental, electronic, ambient genres - how can one find out what the 
differences are, which label would be best suited for one's needs, how 
does one 
approach them, what can one expect, how can one make sure that one doesn't 
ripped off?

michael peters                   mpeters@csi.com