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Re: My loop live by Real Video

I have a probrem for my computer..
Sometimes my computer forget the time..it has battery problem :(
soory again for
it is not time machine..

> Maybe it's just me, but your Email date says:          Mon, 6 Feb 2040
> This puts your Email, at the end of my Email list, strangely (new
> Email is normally at the top of the list).
> Are you the in Future?
> bret

  Sunao Inami

E-mail                                     cave@osk.3web.ne.jp
URL"cave home"                       http://www.threeweb.ad.jp/~cave/

tel&fax "CAVE Studio"             +81 794 89 5025 Hyogo,Japan

tel&fax "Private"                     +81 794 89 5015 Hyogo,Japan

snail mail address                   316 Ohshima
                                                Miki City