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Re: [phiba-improv] One-of-a-Kind Musik Artifakts

Ed- this sounds cool-- I just read an interview with Gavin Bryars 
yesterday and
he was talking about his recording of "the Sinking of the Titanic," (which 
really great) and the theory they were developing there was that sound 
dies, it just gets fainter and fainter.  The theory there was that water
actually carries sound more efficiently than air and, if you listen very
carefully, you could actually still here the Titanic's band playing after 
was underwater (and you still can)--of course, the guy Bryars was working 
on this theory was also convinced that, given the right technology, etc., 
could actually hear Christ giving the sermon on the mount.  Who's right?

Edward_Chang@mail.amsinc.com wrote:

> Last night I got this crazy idea.  You know how Eric Dolphy said, "music 
> once it's out there, it's gone forever" or something like that ("Last
> Date").  Well of course you can record it and put it out anybody who 
> for it can hear it.   Well I got this crazy (sure to be regrettable) idea
> which goes like this:
> If you send me a small donation to cover the cost of a tape and postage 
> fact $5) I will record a free improvisation on that tape (at least 30
> minutes I'm hoping) and send that tape to you, and ONLY you.  There will 
> NO OTHER EXISTING copies of said musical performance.  You will own a
> bonafide musical artifact which no one but you can hear.  I won't even 
> a copy myself.
> Now I wish my name were EVAN PARKER (for you phiba mates) or ROBERT FRIPP
> (for you looper dudes) since that would be really cool.  However I'm just
> ed chang.  Nonetheless, if anybody participates in this scheme I think it
> could be fun at least as an exercise in conceptual art.
> (oh yeah, one other person who did something a little like this was Derek
> Bailey when he was putting out the Incus Tapes.  These tapes were a 
> on his label of his solo guitar improvisations.  The neat thing was that 
> only dubbed a copy off when an order came in.  And the tapes he did send
> off were reel to reels!  Of couse this didn't last long...)
> Anyways,
> here's me addy:
> Ed Chang/Quodlibet Recordings
> POB 317 NY  NY  10009
> (BTW I play guitar, sax, clarinet, electronics, prepared sound sources,
> tape-wreckage, turntables, voice, and I've been known to kick dirt into
> microphones as well.  I'm not taking requests, tho. sorry...)