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Re: [phiba-improv] One-of-a-Kind Musik Artifakts

> convinced that, given the right technology, etc., he
> could actually hear Christ giving the sermon on the mount.  Who's right?

Well I'm afraid that entropy will get it in the end... basically it'll 
drop below the level of random background energy
that is present in all things and thus become undetectable as you can't 
remove a random signal from any data. (which
reminds me.. just how good are these noise removal boxes that claim to be 
able to 
get rid of hiss with no pre processing... common sense tells me that they 
can't get rid of it all but maybe they can
just get rid of a fair amount of *perceived*
noise via psycho-acoustic jiggery-pokery)
I guess swamping by background randomness this would also happen pretty 
quickly too, depending on the environment, maybe
a few seconds or less... shame really, it's a nice idea that those notes 
go on forever.