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Re: Jamman vs. Rang


---Andreas Willers <AWillers@compuserve.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> maybe nobody replied because comparing the two units
doesn't make that much
> sense; they both seem to work quite well and the
shortcomings in either
> unit seem to balance each other. 

Since I've never tried out the Boomerang, I can only speak
for the JamMan. It's a good sounding unit, but I wish it
had a more sophisticated delay mode.

> And when I read in a LD posting the other day that the
praised Oberheim
> Echoplex can't even make ANY octave(speed) up/octave
(speed)down stuff AT
> ALL, I sort of really lost faith in all these boxes.
(Maybe the re-release
> of the EH 26 sec. delay ....?) 

Heh. *Tell* me about it. You'd think that would be an
obvious feature to have, but like most modern digital
boxes - and I'm thinking mainly of recorders here - that's
a feature they figured nobody used.  Hell, even my fostex
r8 only does about a whole step or so. I'd really like to
be able to do the classic baby laugh down an octave trick.

> To top of all that frustration I finally have a
fantastic lightweight
> single-rack multieffects (tc G-Force) that subs for a
whole fridge of 80#s
> rack gear BUT they say they see no reason to include
delay time above 1,4
> sec. in it. Hell, this is never gonna end.

You're probably right. On the other hand, I figure that
when it comes to fx, the only *real* fx you need is your
chops. Everything else is gravy. So, fx come and fx go,
but good chops and musicality are an ongoing, eternal


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