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Re: Jamman vs. Rang

Mike Nelson:
>> The real hangup with all this gear is that You can't really configure 
>> to Your individual needs as much as is would be appropriate to serve as 
>> spontaneous, creative element in making music.
>What's missing here? Specifically, what features, capabilities, and user
>interfaces would you like to see that would make a looper configurable
>to your individual needs to serve as a spontaneous, creative element in
>making music? I welcome group answers or direct email.

Righto, here's my take an what a simple, floor-based looper should involve.
 Which is to say it's based around my JM-based floorsystem, using
vol-pedals and switches to overcome the JM's limitations.

My system uses the JM in Delay mode, so lets look at it like that; a delay
with tap-tempo, which (noiselessly!) can re-size a loop by retapping loop
length.  This means grabbing snatches of longer loops by downsizing the
loop length, or increasing the number of repeats by extending loop length.

A tap 0n/tap off switch should be used to gate the input (ie record to
loop).  Another should be used to gate the output (ie mute).  

There should be a fader mechanism - the Rang's roller is perfect - to
control feedback, NOT loop volume. 

All switches should act immediately and always be available.

Extras like reverse, change speed, and undo are nice extensions to the
basic looper but not as important as the above.  And they should act in
realtime also.

Others may find multiple loops useful, I personally don't.  Parallel loops
(ie more thn one playing simultaneously) might also be fun but extend
beyond the basic JM/Rang looper's scope.  

>From experience, I'd guess 20 secs would be a comfortable minimum; you 
with half-hour Plexi, how much do you actually USE???


PS If you made one of these, I'd SERIOUSLY consider trading my JM for it.


 Dr. Michael P. Hughes, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK G12 8QQ 
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         you think you are going with your old black bag?"
       Grandpa said: "I am going to Llangadock to be buried"
       "But you aren't dead yet, Dai Thomas"  -Dylan Thomas
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