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Re: Jamman memory

Dennis Coggia wrote:
> Does anyone know what exactly is so special about the memory for a
> Jamman? Do you really have to get it from Lexicon?
> D-
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I've got a JamMan very recently and loved the thing...
But for my best surprise the memory upgrade used the same memory
chips I had in a memory expansion designed by a company called
Supra for my old Amiga A500. The expansion was called SupraRAM
500RX and it had, in my case, two megabytes divided by 4 chips.
A lot of care was needed to take them off and substitute the
JamMan originals. As I'm using a new Amiga 32 bits computer now
these 16 bits memory chips didn't mean a thing until now.
I'm in love with this 32 seconds beast.


Alex Frias