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Re: This Mainstream vs Internet argument

>>> It seems though (being the staunch capitalist that I am) that in the
intererests of reaching your corporate objective (which I would think is a
combination of producing work that satisfies the artist, is enjoyed by a 
base, and making a handsome living off of it [is there anyone here who
doens't want to make music that they dig, that people they respect tell 
it is cool, and own as many guitars, yachts, houses, custom built
amplifiers/racks/studios etc. as possible?) is a bit impeded by a
middleman that is taking perhaps to much of a chunk of the proceeds?  
serve a need; perhaps there are better, less expensive ways to satisfy that
need. <<<

I agree that there is a massive buzz about getting music out there that
people are really into, but as for the yachts, personal studios etc.  
all second place.  OK, it's a commercial world, but I don't think anyone
expects to see big bucks after a first release.  I'd like to release a CD,
let people say "Hey, this is f*****g smart", lend it to their friends, and
let word of mouth do the marketing ready for the second CD release.  THEN,
if all goes to plan, it's time to look at the big bucks and the yachts and
the studios.  With word of mouth marketing (the good old fashioned way) you
are very likely to get people going to their local music stores and ASKING
THEM for your CD.  If the independent sees the demand, not only will he
approach you for copies of your first CD, but he'll be twice as likely to
stock the next one - and probably more copies of it too.

By the way, record companies being leeches is MY opinion, and although
no-one has said directly that they're leeches, the scams that have been
mentioned (like charging huge amounts of cash for photocopying, use of 
etc) I believe makes them very worthy of the title!

>>> That's why I gave U2 as an example.  They already have a huge fan base-
if they
were to switch to an independant, selfmanaged marketing/distribution 
would not go unnoticed.  For this to realky take off quickly, someone huge
have to lead the way in a very public mannor. <<<

OK, if a large artist with an even larger fan-base was to do it first it
would get good publicity for the new distribution method, but then everyone
would be doing it.  Why not start the trend instead of waiting for it to be
set?  I think you'd probably get more respect, and more money, from doing 

>>> Also- don't you know of a few labels out there that just seem to have
good taste?  Any band who comes out on DeSoto, Dischord, Touch & Go 
others) commands more interest unheard from me as compared to, say Sony, or
Atlantic.  That is the beauty of the links page on a most bands sites- You
band A, band A likes bands 1, 2, and 3.  Odds are, you will most likely 
of them.  You go to their site, download a few sample of their music, and
you find some stuff that you are really into.  If not, you have at least
a way some of your downtime at work. <<<

A good point, but maybe you're cutting out a lot of your potential 
Besides, if you go to look at an independent label's site, it's because you
want to see what's out on that particular label, not because you want to 
links to their favourite independent artists.  Don't forget, being 
we know how to find new fresh music - not everyone's a "Hardcore"
independent fan.  In fact, the majority of people don't go out and look for
music, they wait for the music to come to them - hence the "word of mouth"
marketing method reigns supreme.

>>> I'm sure one of the Frippheads out there can fill in the details, but
Fripp has
a deal with Virgin(?) where he can release his output on either Virgin or
own label.  Fripp makes a vastly larger profit from his own label, but his
distribution is somewhat limited-  If he doesn't feel that he can keep up
the demand, he gives the record to Virgin.  He makes a much smaller cut per
unit, but because he is selling so many more, his net profit is higher. <<<

Sounds like Fripp's got it sorted!


Steve Lauder