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Re: This Mainstream vs Internet argument

>How are people going to find your site?  With a search engine, you've got 

that's actually a very difficult thing, rising above the noise....and there
is a LOT of noise these days......unless of course you have a lot of money
and marketing department devoted to it, or you stumble on some hair-brained
idea that people actually like....even then it ain't easy to get those
hits....You have to realize that the internet just makes you available, it
doesn't cause people to pay attention. That takes work on your part, same
as it does in the analog world.

>Take a list such as this one - there are obviously a lot of quality
>musicians on it.  If everyone was to submit one song for a compilation CD
>(Kim would obviously be in charge of quality control), and everyone who
>makes it onto the CD donates his/her  share towards the duplication 
>costs, a
>bit of money towards on-line marketing, and a bit of money towards getting
>some quality flyers/posters printed (I'm sure there are many independent
>record stores who would be happy to put a flyer up somewhere in the 
>then the chances of the CD getting heard of, listened to etc. are surely
>greatly increased?

we currently have 3 different CD projects in various stages of completion.
Check the website for details. (and no, I would not be in charge of it.
delegate, delegate, delegate!)


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