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Re: This Mainstream vs Internet argument

Steve Lauder wrote:

> I've been reading all messages on this "All major record companies are
> leeches" debate since it first started with great interest, and the 
> case put forward by (tdbajus) about marketing using the internet is a 
> idea, but in reality will never really be effective.
> How are people going to find your site?

I don't think that any of us have said that major labels are leeches... all
though it may have been implied ; )  It seems though (being the staunch
capitalist that I am) that in the intererests of reaching your corporate
objective (which I would think is a combination of producing work that 
the artist, is enjoyed by a fan base, and making a handsome living off of 
it [is
there anyone here who doens't want to make music that they dig, that 
people they
respect tell them it is cool, and own as many guitars, yachts, houses, 
built amplifiers/racks/studios etc. as possible?) is a bit impeded by a
middleman that is taking perhaps to much of a chunk of the proceeds?  
serve a need; perhaps there are better, less expensive ways to satisfy that

That's why I gave U2 as an example.  They already have a huge fan base- if 
were to switch to an independant, selfmanaged marketing/distribution 
scheme, it
would not go unnoticed.  For this to realky take off quickly, someone huge 
have to lead the way in a very public mannor.

Also- don't you know of a few labels out there that just seem to have 
good taste?  Any band who comes out on DeSoto, Dischord, Touch & Go 
others) commands more interest unheard from me as compared to, say Sony, or
Atlantic.  That is the beauty of the links page on a most bands sites- You 
band A, band A likes bands 1, 2, and 3.  Odds are, you will most likely 
like one
of them.  You go to their site, download a few sample of their music, and 
you find some stuff that you are really into.  If not, you have at least 
a way some of your downtime at work.

I'm sure one of the Frippheads out there can fill in the details, but 
Fripp has
a deal with Virgin(?) where he can release his output on either Virgin or 
own label.  Fripp makes a vastly larger profit from his own label, but his
distribution is somewhat limited-  If he doesn't feel that he can keep up 
the demand, he gives the record to Virgin.  He makes a much smaller cut per
unit, but because he is selling so many more, his net profit is higher.