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SV: loopmarketing


>I've also heard that some cities require that people running a business
>out of their home must set aside one room designated strictly for
>business use -- no bed or anything else.  

Hi andre , thanks for the thoughtful and knowledgable post. It gave me a 
lot to think about.

Most of the stuff was pretty new(and therefore useful)to me , but the part 
I`ve cut out is something I`ve
read about. I think the rule about a room  with ONLY office appliances 
comes in when you 
get into the subject of Tax-writeoffs. The way it works here in Norway is 
, if you can prove that you use a certain percentage of your home for  
business-only , you can write that percentage off as -expenses-. This 
means , if you use a fourth of your flat as an office , with a 
phoneline/fax and other "office stuff" , you can write off a fourth of 
your rent on your income-taxes.  

Maybe I`m way off target on what it`s like in the US , but I saw an 
opportunity to contribute........AND I TOOK IT!!
:-)  Seriously , this thread is VERY interesting to me despite the low 
:loop content.

yours , Thomas