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RE: loopmarketing

Loop Marketers !

I don't have too much to add to Andre's advice, aside from suggesting:

        1) That you will want to establish your goals, priorities and
        2) If you're serious about starting a label, you'll need to 
real money for increased phone bills, photocopies, postage..etc.;
        3) To break throught the crowd, you may have to employ PR and Radio
promotion help / services;

>From my experience, self-releasing a record can very easily add up in
promotion costs alone to $5,000 over four or five months.  And it takes
grueling amounts of dedicated time with people who have their own agends 
who are inundated with solicitations.

The abundance of product is staggering.  

Fact: in 1997, twice as many records were released as in 1996.  
Fact: in 1996, twice as many records were released as in 1995.
Fact: in 1996 alone, 100,000 retail locations closed across the country.

The good news (if you can call this good news....) is the six major labels
are beginning to merge into four.  This typically means 1) rosters are
"cleared" of lower producing acts, 2) people get layed-off, and 3) -- the
good news -- labels start hunting for new acts to lend money  (that's what
your advance actually is, whatever they may call it.).

It's almost impossible to imagine how, but despite all this, new and
interesting music gets into the world.

And it could be yours!

david k