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It's The Ambient Channel!

While there is always concern here at EarthLight Studios regarding the
ongoing nature of the music biz, I must emerge and concur with The
LoOpdOctOrs in their feelings about the work at hand... However, one
has to remember that those of us who are publishing on our own, are
part of an emerging business of such a scale that most executives in
the music business-as-we-know-it have only recently if at all stopped
thinking the party line that they're the Only Distribution Channel In
Town, and most still think the Internet isn't a major element in the
music business except for side promos on their part.

If there's going to be an ongoing Loop/Ambient radio online, might I
throw in my voice as announcer?  Also, why restrict oneselves to just
this?  How about a 24x7 Ambient Channel with video?  Haah?

On the audio-internet level, it'd be neat to have a small popup that
streams away.  And we don't really have to do anything but queue, and
hope for a fast server, for the most part... yes?

Stephen Goodman  * It's... The Loop Of The Week (this week, Father's
EarthLight Studios  * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios