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Desktop Loopaz

Hi all.

Just wondering if anyone on this list was into "Desktop music"?  How many
people are as poor as I am, and can't afford synths and JamMans and
echoplexes, and are struggling to make professional sounding compositions
with a humble PC?

The reason I'm asking is because I can see the potential of the system I'm
using, and was wondering how many other people on the list have gone down
this avenue.  What was your set up?  Were you impressed with the results?
Can you offer any advice on hard/software, or additional devices to slap on
to the setup?

Just to get the ball rolling, Here's how it works for me:
I've got a 166MMX PC with 56mb RAM, 1.6gb UDMA HD, and an AWE64 Gold card
with 28mb on-board RAM.  I use a Yamaha PSR230 keyboard purely for MIDI
control, and Cubasis 1.6 (which came with the AWE 64 Gold).

My method, basically, is to select/create my samples and do the destructive
editing etc (as anyone into looping does I presume?), and use Vienna 2.1
soundfont studio to map the samples to the keyboard, (hence the huge RAM
upgrade on the AWE 64) which then allows me to use the filter and LFO
modules on the sound card.  I use Cubase 1.6 to record the final mix.

Although I've never played live before, at least with a set up like this I
could stay busy adding and removing elements from the track, and could make
a live remix up as I went along.

It'd be great to have some comments back from other people into Desktop
Music on the list, just to see whether people are sattisfied with the
results they're getting, or whether they grew up and moved on to bigger and
better toys.


Steve "I want a 50,000 FX rack" Lauder