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Re: Desktop Loopaz

At 09:29 AM 6/23/98 +0100, you wrote:

        I use desktop music -- PC based hard disk recording, and digital 
technology -- to remix/resample myself  -- even though I improvise with
traditional instruments, and looping gear, I find that post-processing, or
remixing myself is a great way to balance improvisation/composition --
improvisation generates the raw material, and composition comes into play
after the fact, when these raw materials are treated and rearranged using
digital editing tools.

        Check out the PC-Daw list (mailto majordomo@missionrec.com, with 
PC-Daw, or PC-Daw-digest in the body) -- this list is an invaluable
resource for equipment/technique for PC compatible based digital audio.  

        Extensive discussion would be off-topic for loopers-delight, but 
I'd be
happy to answer any questions via private email.

Rob Switzer