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a live story

Got my first Gig with  both use of Stick and Looping stuff. It was with
a trio guitar/Stick/keys with voices.
I was quite unsecure (so much technology. It is just a good reason to
have more trouble getting everything sound good, and the first time the
Stick went out...)
I went well, not too many people but it went well.
I had a few dazed questions afterwards (the use of an E-bow AND a Stick
AND loops was far too much for most imagination..).
I waited for long to get in this situation, and was very pleased.
The loop went perfectly (Stick to preamps to Jamman 32' to Vortex).

And since I owe the list for finding both jamdude and Vortex, thanks
everyone here for contributing in this (small) event that was important
for me.

Olivier Malhomme