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Anekdoten/Always Almost/Dark Aether Project 7/3 Philly area show

Come on out to see Sweden's Anekdoten in one of only two* US performances
in 1998. They will be joined by Always Almost (from PA) and The Dark
Aether Project (from MD) for a special night of music starting at 7PM
on Friday, July 3rd at the William Bolton Dixon American Legion Hall
located at 493 South Bethlehem Pike in Fort Washington, PA.

[Please note the change from the previously announced venue in Lansdale]

Admission is $15 at the door. All ages are welcome.


>From northern New Jersey, New York and points north: Take 295 or the New
Jersey Turnpike south to 276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) west. See 276
continuation below.

>From Maryland, Delaware and points south: Take 95 north to 476 north and
then get on 276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) headed east. See 276 continuation

>From 276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike), take exit 26 towards Fort Washington/
Philadelphia/Ambler. DO NOT go up onto 309, go UNDER it. Then bear right
onto West Pennsylvania Avenue. At the end of Pennsylvania, turn left onto
Bethlehem Pike and follow it to the aforementioned address.

*Anekdoten will also perform with The Dark Aether Project at
 Phantasmagoria located at 11319 Elkin St in Wheaton, MD on Thursday July
 9th at 8PM.


       "...if one strives at hearing for the sake of constant virtue,
       out of seeking liberation from cyclic existence, gradually one 
                           becomes a Hearer."
                           - Chandrakirti

              T h e   D a r k   A e t h e r   P r o j e c t