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RE: Desktop Loopaz(downside)

Komaz wrote:

>If you would ask me a year ago what gear do I want I would say:
>AKai sampler,Spirit Mixing Desk,effects unit and so on..
>Now I'm totally devoted to PC....Rebirth,Sound Forge,Fruity 
>I'm almost sure that you can get great results with PC,well It works for 
>Yours Komay
>"Decent music?Never heard..."
Hey mr. K , I`m sitting here downloading the first song on your site. One 
thing about your post strikes me;
The place you were a year ago is exactly the place I am now. I`m dreaming 
of having a sampler and a mixing desk with outboard effects and all the 
possibilities that offers.

The thing is, I have rebirth ,cubase , fruity loops demo and a bunch of 
other stuf for harddisc/Pc based stuff. My machine is a pentium 200 , 32 
Mb RAM. The problem is: It doesn`t work!!  the drive is too slow(IDE , not 
the soundcard (AWE 32) sounds TOO crappy , I have to turn off my monitor 
before EVERY take due to noise
seeping into my guitar pickups.........At the moment , I can only have 2-3 
three tracks of audio MAX......noone knows why.......Im thinkin of 
abandoning the PC as a medium and move to ADAT(or similar)........this 
probably sets me back 5 years until im back on my feet , gear 

Anyways , I`m not tryin`to get you down at all , just warning you that 
there is more hassle to the PC than manufacturers want you to know about. 
Me , I went into most of the traps you can imagine.........

Yours , Thomas "slayer of everything not SCSI" W