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Re: Desktop Loopaz(downside)

In a message dated 98-06-24 00:24:07 EDT, you write:

<< The thing is, I have rebirth ,cubase , fruity loops demo and a bunch of
other stuf for harddisc/Pc based stuff. My machine is a pentium 200 , 32 Mb
RAM. The problem is: It doesn`t work!!  the drive is too slow(IDE , not 
 the soundcard (AWE 32) sounds TOO crappy , I have to turn off my monitor
before EVERY take due to noise
 seeping into my guitar pickups.........At the moment , I can only have 2-3
three tracks of audio MAX......noone knows why.......Im thinkin of 
the PC as a medium and move to ADAT(or similar)........this probably sets 
back 5 years until im back on my feet , gear wise.............
  I have to agree that many are the pitfalls ov the desktop musician. One
crappy little thing (like the wrong HD) can screw the whole system. My
solution is a combination of the hardware and software schools of thought. 
can build a wicked music PC for around a grand( I highly recommend the Gina
soundcard), sampler prices are in the gutter ( Esi-32 for $600 used Akai 
for $400) and then you could get the briliant Cubase producer pack w/ VST 
Wavelab for around $500. If that weren't enough you can get old 16bit 
multi fx
units dirt cheap. What more do you need. No overtaxing your processor with
lots of realtime FX cause you can record wet w/ the multiFX or add FX in
Wavelab. No worrying about sampler polyphony or memory, write with lo-fi
samples then use the good ones to record several trax in VST. Do all the
mixing internally and master in Wave Lab. Total System Cost with decent
monitors: $3K not bad and this is way more than you REALLY need (DJ Shadow 
his first trax with two turntables and a four track.)
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