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RE: Desktop Loopaz(downside)

HI Thomas

>The thing is, I have rebirth ,cubase , fruity loops demo and a bunch of
other stuf for harddisc/Pc based stuff. My machine is a pentium 200 , 32 Mb
RAM. The problem is: It doesn`t work!!  the drive is too slow(IDE , not 
>the soundcard (AWE 32) sounds TOO crappy , I have to turn off my monitor
before EVERY take due to noise
>seeping into my guitar pickups.........At the moment , I can only have 2-3
three tracks of audio MAX......noone knows why.......Im thinkin of
abandoning the PC as a medium and move to ADAT(or similar)........this
probably sets me back 5 years until im back on my feet , gear 
>Anyways , I`m not tryin`to get you down at all , just warning you that
there is more hassle to the PC than manufacturers want you to know about. 
, I went into most of the traps you can imagine.........

Consider that if you're ready to invest some money in a top notch Akai
sampler, you should ready, on the other side, to invest at least same money
on a good PC system. But don't think that you have to go too far: I have a
typical home system (for word processing, Internet and some games) that
slowly I've converted in to a good and functioning music machine. And I've
got no SCSI, simply EIDE, I did thye majority of my work on a (crappy) Awe
64 Gold (Event Gina only from some months) and no other special features. 

Most of my PC parts were bought before knowing that I could use the 
to make music. So they are really standard products but they work.

Yes, it can be an hassle to setup at times, but now my system is far
superior to a simple sampler or sequencer or multi FX unit or digital
multitrack recorder. You can do a lot of things with a nearly basic setup,
and your P200 can do a lot of things if used in the right way. 
I have a P233 and can get 20-24 tracks with VST. Try changing your HD, find
the best drivers for your monitor (or change it if it's shitty) and then
increase your Ram.  
Internet can give you a lot of infos on optimizing your setup. Try PC-daw
mailing list. It's huge and informative on HD recording and setup. Ask 
and soon you'll have THE perfect music workstation. 

Keep faith


PS. e-mail privately for more infos and software suggestions.

>Yours , Thomas "slayer of everything not SCSI" W