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Re: Desktop Loopaz(downside)

Thomas Wřhni wrote:

> Hey mr. K , I`m sitting here downloading the first song on your site. 
>One thing about your post strikes me;
> The place you were a year ago is exactly the place I am now. I`m 
>dreaming of having a sampler and a mixing desk with outboard effects and 
>all the possibilities that offers.
> The thing is, I have rebirth ,cubase , fruity loops demo and a bunch of 
>other stuf for harddisc/Pc based stuff. My machine is a pentium 200 , 32 
>Mb RAM. The problem is: It doesn`t work!!  the drive is too slow(IDE , 
>not SCSI)
> the soundcard (AWE 32) sounds TOO crappy , I have to turn off my monitor 
>before EVERY take due to noise
> seeping into my guitar pickups.........At the moment , I can only have 
>2-3 three tracks of audio MAX......noone knows why.......Im thinkin of 
>abandoning the PC as a medium and move to ADAT(or similar)........this 
>probably sets me back 5 years until im back on my feet , gear 
> Anyways , I`m not tryin`to get you down at all , just warning you that 
>there is more hassle to the PC than manufacturers want you to know about. 
>Me , I went into most of the traps you can imagine.........
> Yours , Thomas "slayer of everything not SCSI" W

Funny thing is that I have almost the same gear you have:P166MMX,Awe 32,
32MB Ram ,IDE disk and it works for me...I know that it won't work for 
everyone...but the biggest advantage of PC setup is that you can make 
You really can...and you won't have "If I had a good gear..." excuses any 
Don't get me wrong...I would love to have 50k studio but it's not my 
goal...I just want to make music...I have what I have and I just love 
software editing.

You are right on that AWE noise problem...I want to buy Turtle Beach 
Malibu now to avoid it...

Yours Komay:)