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Re: New Looper Idea

> >Just an idea:
> >Wouldn't it be neat to have a fully programmable EDP-type
> >looper/multi-effects unit? By this, I mean a unit the size of the EDP
> >with some sort of a computer interface (Ethernet?). The programming
> >software (PC or Mac?) would object-based (similar to MAX/MSP) and could
> >be configured in various ways. I think more than just looping/delay
> >functions should be available, i.e. various other effects
> >pitch-shifting, vocoder, etc. The completed configurations would be
> >downloaded to the looper via the interface and could be overwritten at
> >will.
> It's called an Eventide 4000.  And it's priced just like a good hign end 

Sigh ... :-(
I'll have to wait until this sort of stuff is available in a mid-price